Ted's Shedspeeches?TV Wall 02TV Wall View 01

View from Garden to houseSusan on Daisy's bedDaisy's reflectionviewers in DELAWABAt the christmas partyGarden Trail & Smokers

April 2nd – May 2nd – ‘Ted and Daisy’

With Ted and Daisy, the Belfast-based media collective C-13 present their inaugural effort: a multi-room, multimedia installation that
imagines the lives of Ted and Daisy—a brother and sister who lived together into old age, and who were former residents of DELAWAB, the home/gallery where the work is installed. Nine televisions play different scenes from the Ted and Daisy ‘narrative’. These include a silent afternoon tea with friends, a Christmas party, a garden shed, tending to roses, a solitary moment, letters to a distant sister, a family tree, and a documentary about the time and place in which Ted and Daisy lived. These televised scenes are derived from dioramas that are additionally installed and exhibited throughout the domestic space: a Victorian home with a dedicated art space, living quarters, and garden.

C-13 are an ensemble of sound artists, musicians, programmers, animators, architects, visual artists, photographers and filmmakers. The group was founded in 2009. Their collaborative practice challenges traditional media archetypes and explores the tensions between site, medium, artist and audience.



4 Responses to “April 2009 _C-13 arts collective – Ted & Daisy”

  1. Claire Hall Says:

    Great work!!I’m looking forward to more C13 efforts!!!

  2. mercerd Says:

    interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  3. garden sheds are really great specially during the summer, they provide adequate shade and a place to cool down*’`

  4. sometimes i find digital arts a bit weird looking he he he, but of course they are very cool too `”`

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