The_4th_plinthFriday 10th July 2009. All was quiet, all was still… seemed to all of us like just another Friday watching the clock til it chimed quitting time.

Then  at 2pm we beheld a wonderous sight- Ciara Mary Hickey standing on top of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Squar casually swigging from a bottle of champagne!

Ciara was one of hundreds of people who were selected at random to take part in the One & Other project- a project conceived by artist Anthony Gormley.One & Other is an extension of the exploration of the connection between individuals. The volunteers on the plinth become both representations of themselves and of the human population of the world, viewed by fellow members of the wider society which they inhabit.

We are very proud of our girl for getting up there!!!


One Response to “Ciara on the 4th Plinth”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Great picture!

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