On December 5th 2008, Cian Donnelly introduced ‘The Queen of Ghosts / The King of Tears’ at space Delawab. This proved to be an immersive experience beyond a traditional exhibition, incorporating performance, sculpture, song, drawings and storytelling creating a breathtaking event.

*for performance, song, drawing and narration*.

*Opening at 7pm, Friday 05 December

*viewing available from 06 December – 31 December

Cian Donnelly’s work is a combination of painting/ model making, works on paper and song/ performance. Extensive drawing and notebook writings form the basis of an ongoing narrative, developing fictional characters with a distinctive mythology and hierarchies. Recent work is concerned with Daniel Cullen and his experience of grief over the loss of his wife and child.

For this project Cian will use the house at 41 Ashley Ave as a performative space; inhabiting the character of Daniel and suggesting that this was once the family home. Songs will be sung, Blood Wizards will be summoned and Zombies will be fed flowers.

Cian Donnelly was born, Dublin, Ireland in 1974. His work is part of several collections, including The National University of Ireland and The Arts Council of Northern Ireland. He recently completed a nine month Fellowship at The British School at Rome, and a residency on Inishlacken, an uninhabited island off the Connemara coast.

Daniel Cullen in Delawab 01cian-01cian-03cian-021cian-04cian-05cian-06Daniel & Ghosts singing to the childrenDaniel & Ghosts singing to children


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