Aideen Barry is quite simply one of the most exciting young artists currently working in Ireland. Based in Galway, Aideen is trailblazing a unique and multi-disciplined practice spanning video, sound, performance, drawings, animations, sculpture and installation. Aideen’s work deals with the notion of the ‘Uncanny’. Her work has been informed by her identity as a Goth and her recent diagnosis of OCD. Her work has been shown in France, Ireland, UK, Thailand, Canada and China. In 2008 the artist completed a residency at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA where she underwent astronaut training through parabolic flights to create her new zero gravity film works.

In Delawab, Aideen will be the centrepiece of 2 very special events in 1 day. Firstly, from 3.30pm – 5pm Aideen will give a presentation of her recent projects/shows set in the tranquillity of a teaparty where smart dress is recommended, places are limited to 30 people and a minimum donation of £3 will supply you with a range of teas and cakes. The doors will be open to the public from 6pm and people are invited to view an installed work by Aideen in Space Delawab and turn the teaparty downstairs into a wineparty.

Space Delawab Exhibition Space


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