Aoife Desmond

Making Journeys without Maps.

Opening Thurs 08.10.09


iceland aoife

Several threads of an ongoing project come together. Tracing the paths of migrating birds linking Ireland, Iceland and the Arctic. How do they navigate their journeys? There is a poetic strand looking at human and aviary connection or collision. The working process explores migration and travel as a pursuit of desire.

Aoife Desmond will use the residency period at Space Delawab to anchor this ongoing project within the context of her new surroundings. Using Super 8 film, an Olympus stills camera and a note book  she will physically map a series of drift walks. She will present this new work in the context of previous drift walks from Dublin, Wexford and Iceland.

By following these migration paths the artists paths of movement by foot, bus, boat etc become intertwined. The artist juxtaposes a personal migration or temporary nomadic route with that of the birds more established and fixed paths. This temporary route leads inevitably to multiple wastelands, to the sea, to the docks. Within these areas of transition accidental nature reserves emerge between new buildings, historical ruins, scrap yards and large monuments of construction and travel.


3 Responses to “October 2009 – Aoife Desmond”

  1. Xavier White Says:

    Hi Keith, yer it would be great to meet up, perhaps you could come to my home/ the venue. What area of London are you coming too?

  2. Hi Aoife
    That sounds so inspiring! A flock of wild geese flew over our garden yesterday it was so beautiful, I wonder where they were off too and where they had been? I really love the sound they make. Happy walking x

  3. brian connolly Says:

    Hi Aiofe,

    sorry that I did not know you were in Belfast, I hope it went well for you?
    Sounds like your still traveling along the line. Best wishes.
    Brian Connolly

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