Sunday Races is the title of a series of participatory events that will be held in Space Delawab during the month of March.The intention of Sunday Races is to use toy cars as a motive to create site responsive installations in the house- using the domestic environment and the element of play to envoke in the participants the boundless creativity they had as children.

Ben invites you to build tracks and customise cars- all from his own extensive childhood collection of toy cars and lego. He will be constructing a race track that will run the height of the house throughout March- taking inspiration from house itself and ideas suggested by participants and using materials already in the house in addition to other donated materials.

Children welcome at all events.

Crash Test– Sunday 14th March 7pm -10pm( see Crash Test 2 page for photos)

Crash Test is a workshop that offers participants the chance to design future cars and speedy race-tracks. The living room of Delawab will be turned into a car factory with child-like interpretations of the different stations of a production line. The creations produced on this day will be presented on “Race Day” as part of the final event. Classic racing movies will also be screened throughout the day.

Race Day- Sunday 28th March 1pm-6pm

The final racing event in which participants will select a toy car- with it’s stats included- to keep and compete in the race heats on different race-tracks throughout the house.

A suggested donation of three pounds for this event will include a toy car for keeps and a tasty race snack!

Ben Craig is a sculptor who is currently studying an MFA at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.He makes events and installations that are temporary and demand interaction with other people to be realised. These events and installations are a conglomerate of media;they use the notion of familiarity in relation to childhood memories, living habits and aspects of pop culture to involve the viewer and allow them to reminisce.


2 Responses to ““Sunday Races” instigated by Ben Craig Sun 14th March & Sun 28th March”

  1. ellison Craig Says:

    sounds great, can’t wait for the big event.

  2. peter fallon Says:

    Wow that sounds amazing, is there like anything you guys can’t do in irony?

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