horror room view 01

thehorroroom_installation view 02thehorrorroom_cpt-america_installation view 03

‘The Horror Room’

Opening 19.00h, 13th Feb – 7th March 2009

This photographic installation presents a series of documented murals originally painted on the walls of a youth club in Antrim circa 1976. Through time the paintings began to degrade in the damp environment  and the figures  grew more spectre -like as they took  on a more sinister appearance .During the day the youth club also served the local school as a detention room to facilitate the punishment of pupils and it was through this association that the room became notoriously known to the children as ‘The Horror Room’.


In 2001 the artists located the building and photographed the murals just before it was demolished. The deteriorated images were digitally re-imagined and they are now preserved as archaeological records. The Horror Room is presented within the vernacular of museum displays, implying that the context within which an artefact sits is as important to their ‘reading’ as the information they contain.'The Horror Room'

Angela Darby and Robert Peters have been working collaboratively for a number of years, exhibiting together in  galleries  in Ireland, China and America. Recently they were a warded the ev+a Belltable Arts Award in Limerick for their work ‘Public Address…..’ Both artists are co-directors of Fully Formed Projects and ex-directors of Catalyst Arts, Belfast . Peters is currently  the Director of Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor.


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