Irene Barberis @ Delawab

Opening @ Delawab, Monday 29th June, 19h

Irene Barberis

‘Apocalypse: writings on the wall 2009’

Barberis makes work based on the Apocalypse in multi -materials; writings,
inflatables of large pink and green fluorescent pvc, interiors of
embedded embroidered apocalypse texts and images, paintings, projections
and drawings in light, light tapestry and sound as part of her ´Seven
Room exhibition, in the Brisbane Biennale, Australia in 2009.
Apocalypse: The Slivered Edge: History into Futures.

At Delawab, one of the works is transcribed onto the walls by the
Delawab staff, this work encloses the space on the end  walls in hand
written texts of the apocalypse –  while on the central focal walls
feint images found in the catacombes and in the ancient texts hover.

Barberis has been making art since the 1970s and was a post graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, winning the Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship in 1979. She gradually adopted Biblical subject matter in her work. She has exhibited internationally since the 1980s. In 2005, she initiated and was part of the exhibition “Intersections: Reading the Space”, at the Jewish Museum of Australia, which was exhibited in 2005 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco.

Her work is held in many collections worldwide, some of which are the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Sol LeWitt Collection USA.


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